Remote Repair

During this session, the representative will have full access to your system, please remain at your system throughout the entire session to monitor all actions taken to troubleshoot your system.

Once your session begins, you will always have overriding control by movement of your mouse. You will also be able to discontinue the session at any time by selecting "X" in the upper right-hand corner of session window.

By entering the code number given to you by the representative and selecting "Connect to Representative", you agree to allow the representative to take control of your computer.

The remote connection requires the download of a small applet to your computer. To proceed with your session, please select "Run" at the two prompts. If you have any questions, please discuss this with the representative assisting you.

Enter your 6-digit security key:

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive support, you must first have an account or be within your 30 day guarantee and have a scheduled Remote Tech Session.