Service Plans

Small Business IT Services

We are a complete computer / Technology / IT service for small businesses. In fact, we like to say we bring world-class, corporate-level IT services to local businesses. We offer everything you expect, from onsite repair and networking to firewalls/security, exchange server setups, and even clean-room data recovery. We’ll ensure you are always up-and-running, with the peace of mind you want. We also offer maintenance service contracts and emergency services to ensure you have “an IT department” always on-call.

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Home User PC Services

Software Services Include: Reinstalls, spyware/virus removal, backups, software installs, maintenance updates, and just about anything else.

Hardware Services Include: PC Repair/component replacement, upgrades (RAM, Hard Drives, Video Cards, etc), PC Cleaning, and anything else hardware related.

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Business Services

Printing, black and white $0.20/page
Printing, color $0.55/page
Scanning $1.00/page
Copying (b&w only) $0.20/page
Fax, recieved $0.25/page
Fax, sent $1.00/page
Fax, sent internationally $5.00/page
Notary Service $5.00/stamp